Welcome – Introduction   

AYTF is a Montreal based, non-denominational, charitable organization dedicated to helping and encouraging young people to achieve their full potential.
Based on the premise that the young hold the key to our future, AYTF offers a helping hand to under resourced youth so that they may become better students, better persons, and ultimately builders of a better society.


AYTF’s vision is to foster a community in which our youth become fully engaged in their education and display a caring community spirit and eventually maximize their positive contributions to society. Our mission is to inspire students to place a high value on education while promoting wholesome social involvement, and to encourage them to achieve their maximum potential by More…



AYTF is dedicated to helping youth meet their educational goals and improve their social engagement by ensuring that a lack of financial means does not impede their achievement.   Our programmes, offered by a team of energetic and highly motivated volunteers from various professional backgrounds, include:

Free After School Tutoring
Merit Awards
Summer Program
Mentoring More…


AYTF’s board of directors and the executives appreciate the continuous support of all our donors and volunteers. We thank them for their generous financial contribution and their valuable time. More..