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Aditya Youth Trust Fund (AYTF) was established in November 2006. It is a federally and provincially registered charitable organization based in Montreal  is dedicated to the growth and development of children and youth.

The fund was created by the family and friends of Aditya Varun Pathak.  Aditya was a bright and happy young man, full of promise, who passed away suddenly at the age of fifteen and a half years in an unfortunate accident.  He excelled both in academics and sports while volunteering frequently in community service. He was also a very affectionate and caring person, ready to help whenever needed. For this reason he was held in high regard by his teachers and his many friends at school and outside. Through AYTF, Aditya’s family, friends and relatives hope to perpetuate his memory and to promote the ideals and values that he embodied in his personal life, thereby leading to a betterment of our society.

Our main goal is to help Canadian youth achieve their full potential by encouraging and providing assistance to them in various spheres of their lives. For example, by improving their academic performance at school thereby promoting a sense of self worth, encouraging them to pursue higher education, facilitating their participation in volunteering and other positive social activities.

Currently AYTF is managed and operated by a group of highly motivated and qualified volunteers.

All Directors and Officers are voluntary unpaid positions.

Board of Directors And Executive Staff


Mr. Ashwini Gupta
Dr. Mark Martin
Mr. Shiv Oberoi
Dr. Asha Pathak
Mr. Brij Sehgal
Mr. Yash Verma

Executive Staff:

Dr. Asha Pathak – President
Mr. Ashwini Gupta – Vice President
Mr. Brij Sehgal – Treasurer
Dr. Anshu Pathak – Secretary